Spanish beer company San Miguel has launched ‘Find Your Rich Experiment’, an innovative test to find out if you are more driven by experiences or material wealth. Using face-tracking technology, the test analyses the way a viewer reacts to a video that shows scenes of yachts, private jets and fast cars in contrast to those of nature, wildlife and adventures. By watching the face’s reaction to the scenes in the video, the tech determines if you are materially-minded or experience hungry.

Developed by UNIT9, subtle shifts in facial reactions are tracked whilst wathcing the imagery on screen during the minute-long video and are categorised into positive or negative reactions. After the video has played, participants are given an ‘experience rich’ and ‘material rich’ score, to help define what motivates them.  

Users are then categorised into profiles such as The Bon Vivant, for those who love adventure and aren’t afraid of the truly exotic. Others include, The Humble Adventurer, to whom the whole world is an adventure waiting to happen or The Big Shot, with expensive taste.


When I took the test, I was The Paladin – described as someone that doesn’t need money or fame, just excitement and adventure; “You’ll take that exhilaration wherever you find it and like the best heroes of legend, you know that adventure is all around us. You’ll be first to try those extra hot chillies and you’ll never turn down the front seat on the roller coaster. In fact you won’t shy from any opportunity to seize the moment and feel alive.We think we could all learn something from you, for life is for the alive so lets get living it!”

San Miguel hope that the Find Your Rich Experiment test will provoke users to challenge and reveal their own preconceptions of wealth.

To find out more about the campaign visit and to take the online experiment visit

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