A British design studio has come up Line of Sight, an innovative new concept for a pedestrian crossing that aims to improve road safety for drivers and pedestrians.

The prototype, set to be unveiled at London’s Somerset House next month, is the winner of The Smart Crossing project by insurance company Direct Line in a bid to reduce the 7,000 road accidents that happen every year at crossings. Have you had an accident at a crosswalk when it should have been your right of way?
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The competition saw several young different design studios in Somerset House’s design and start-up hub Makerversity, tasked with creating the crossing of the future. The companies then pitched to a panel of judges including representatives from Makerversity, Direct Line, road charity Brake, Mumsnet and Barry Sheerman MP.

Design studio Mettle was chosen as the winning concept with Line of Sight. The idea involves using LED lights on either side of a crossing to alert drivers that a pedestrian is approaching the road. The LEDs light up when a person approaches them, using object detection technology.
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The LED lights are also intended to be used by pedestrians so they know when it is safe to cross.

The three concepts that did not make the cut were Social Movement, that allowed pedestrians to chat to other pedesstrians in other cities and crioss using haptic paving; Laser Vision, which would project a laser on the ground in front of pedestrians who were distracted and looking down at their phones; and Look Up, which would light up a kerb to make pedestrians more aware of the road and their surroundings.

Last year, the company unveiled its own The Smart Crossing, a prototype solution which saw 22 metres of responsive road surface that emphasised safety by communicating with pedestrians, motorists and cyclists simultaneously.

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