Media heavyweight DAZED MEDIA has teamed up with technology giant Huawei this month to launch Project Possible – an initiative looking to empower and unlock the potential of tomorrow’s creative leaders through culture and technology.

Secret Lectures

As well as showcasing the talent of up-and-coming creatives, the campaign is set to engage and inspire students through a series of events and projects. Curated by DAZED, they include an exclusive series of talks by leading cultural figures; a community-led photo project; backstage insight from London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks; and the personal stories of rising stars and their inspirations.

Secret Lectures

Kicking off the four-part Secret Lectures series in London last week, DAZED’s founder and director, Jefferson Hack, led a conversation on New Media Guerrillas featuring the pioneering voices of John Joseph Holt (LAW), Susie Lau (The Style Bubble), Olya Kuryshchuk (1 Granary), and Liv Little (gal-dem). Here’s what we learned:



All the platforms were formed as a response to a lack of representation in the media and continue to promote voices outside of the mainstream. Largely created while at university, the founders found like-minded friends to start their projects – from empowering young designers to sharing the perspectives of women of colour.


Secret Lectures London


Tight deadlines shouldn’t lead to bad quality – nobody wants to engage with junk content. While it is a challenge to balance live reporting with long-form writing, there is room for both. Just focusing on throwaway content for the sake of social media isn’t sustainable – make an effort to make something timeless that everyone will want to read.

Secret Lectures


It’s very much a labour of love, but there’s something to be said for having your work in print. While you might not revisit online content, printed pieces have a more cherished quality. Page limits may be restrictive, but they’ll make you prioritise and your curated choices become even more significant – and today’s technology has made publishing easier than ever, making it fair game for everyone.

Secret Lectures


It can be tough to break out of the social media echo chamber, but you’re never going to please everyone. Addressing every person who disagrees with you is a waste of time – it’s only through inclusivity and de-escalated conflict that you can meaningfully engage with complaints. But even then, the people who complain the most never actually to do anything about the issues they debate.

Secret Lectures

The lecture series continues until November with further talks in Paris, Milan and Berlin, while all of Project Possible’s content can be found here.

Images by Darren Gerrish and Amelia Karlsen.
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