Magnum Photos luminary Bruce Davidson is renowned for the unflinching intimacy of his images of alienated communities, especially his work in Harlem, New York. One of his first ever projects has now been turned into an art book. In the 1959 series ‘Brooklyn Gang’, Davidson spent time with the notorious teenage gang, The Jokers.

82-year-old veteran photographer Bruce Davidson doesn’t do detached observation. His approach has nearly always been to get up close and personal with his subjects. “Robert Capa said if you’re not getting good pictures it’s because you’re not getting close enough”, muses the Illinois-born snapper, who joined Magnum in 1958. “I always feel that I need to be taken into a world.”

His book Brooklyn Gang: Summer 1959 is in his signature style, close observation that allows him and the viewer to witness the pain, frustration and fear among those teenagers during the Summer of ’59.

Bruce Davidson has become renowned for his bodies of work that intimately capture estranged communities and gritty New York life. Davidson emerged in the early sixties at the front-line of a new wave of radical documentary photographers including Diane Arbus, Danny Lyon, and Lee Friedlander.

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