The Royal Mail operates a massive network of delivery vans daily, with a fleet of about 49,000 vehicles on the road. In a huge step towards a more eco, sustainable future for its vans, the UK mail company is trialing nine fully electric commercial vehicles in partnership with Arrival, an automotive technology company based in Oxfordshire.

The trucks are constructed with ultra-lightweight composite materials that significantly reduce their weight. The lightweight nature of the vehicles, combined with Arrival’s custom-built power electronics and motors, reduces the cost of operation by more than 50%.

Inner city deliveries are optimised through the use of a battery that gives the maximum range to weight ratio, enabling the vans to produce zero emissions for up to 100 miles.

Royal Mail is trialing 3.5, 6 and 7.5 tonne trucks from its Mount Pleasant depot in central London. The vehicles will be used to transport packages between mail and distribution centres in the city and surrounding area with aim of the range succeeding the current diesel fleet. If you need delivery services for your business’s goods to locations across the European continent, you could consider this european haulage company.