In case you forgot that Emily Ratajkowski has one hell of a body unlikely, if you follow her Instagram – then her latest photo shoot is here to remind you. The 26-year-old model has posed completely naked for Daniel Jackson and is featured in Allure Magazine’s August issue.

In addition to her sexy spread, Emily also made some important points about sexuality; “To me, any expression that is empowered and is your own as a woman is feminist,” she said. “If a woman decides to dress sexy, it doesn’t mean she’s not a feminist.
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[We] should be doing things for ourselves. If that is the woman’s choice, and it makes her feel good, then that’s great. Good for her.”

Emily also said that it really bothers her that “people are so offended by breasts,” adding, “That’s when I realised how f*cked our culture is. When we see breasts, we don’t think of beauty and femininity.
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We think of vulgar, oversexualised images.”

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