Alex Chinneck has melted a two-story wax house, levitated Covent Garden’s market building and inverted a London loft. Chinneck’s latest London installation ‘Six Pins and Half A Dozen Needles’, takes the form of a fractured façade, where a building’s brickwork splits in two halves, as if ripped apart by some dramatic natural force.

Chinneck’s work constitutes an artistic practice that spans the wild and the whimsical, the surprising and the surreal. ‘Six Pins and Half A Dozen Needles’ is an extension of the brain-bending and sometimes bizarre public interventions he has become widely known to produce.

After a year of work, and the installation of 5,000 bespoke bricks and more than 1,000 stainless steel components, ‘Six Pins And Half A Dozen Needles’ is materialized on the façade of Assembly London, a mixed-use office complex in Hammersmith.

Referencing a torn sheet of paper, the intervention seemingly separates the exterior surface of the site into two parts, dramatically altering the quality of the site. Chinneck hopes his permanent work invites a surprising sense of wonder and awe for both local residents and casual passersby.



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