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Plastic Waste Labyrinth was a commission for the 4th Centennial Celebration of Plaza Mayor within the “Four Seasons” city art programme. The team wanted the maze to feel uncomfortable for those walking through and, therefore, built a structure with intricate paths and narrow passages that force visitors to keep turning — producing a profound feeling of disorientation.

A lack of reference points combined with the heat and smell of the plastic only serves to enhance the oppressive experience.

Centered around the plaza’s statue of King Philip III, the maze’s corridors are 170 metres (558 feet) in length, and are surrounded by 3 metre (10 feet) high walls that comprise 15,000 bottles hung within transparent bags.

During the evening, like many of Luzinterruptus’ work, the installation comes alive. Integrated lighting helps vibrantly illuminate the structure with a blue hew.

The design team had to contact a wide range of hospitals, universities, and official institutions in order to obtain the thousands of bottles required for the installation.