In the ongoing collaboration between NikeLab and Pigalle, basketball is a constant. Every garment is thoughtfully produced to consider on- and off-court wear, delivering easy Parisian street-style elegance to silhouettes with authentic hard-court connections. While themes have varied since 2014 — from weathered courts to the tick of the shot clock — Pigalle founder Stéphane Ashpool’s undying love of  ’90s basketball remains standard.

His latest collection with NikeLab advances this proposition, not only introducing new garments, but broadening scope to include silhouettes that work seamlessly for men and women. Ashpool estimates for every 10 customers at his Paris store, three are women, and while his aesthetic draws heavily from women’s haute couture, this is the first time he’s consciously pushed a NikeLab offering in a softer direction.
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“It’s an evolution of ’90s basketball allure from the U.S., but in an elegant, Parisian way,” describes Ashpool. “When you put all the stuff together, it’s exactly the way I want it to be. You have this sporty value, but at the same time if you wear it well, you can go out at night.
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Ashpool’s achievement comes in blending past and present. “The best garments have a balance between heritage and future-thinking technique,” he explains.        

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