A tiny village in Gloucestershire called Saul with a population of only 700, has become the surprise location for Jimmy McGill, the fictional ‘Breaking Bad’ attorney’s new UK office for his spin off show, Better Call Saul.

The funny stunt which sees the series’ hero – played by award winning actor Bob Odenkirk – set up office in an iconic red BT phone box to celebrate the show’s debut of Better Call Saul on AMC, exclusive to BT customers. The show’s star is no stranger to weird office locations, as Jimmy rents an office in the back of the Day Spa and Nail beauty salon in Better Call Saul.

The ‘office’, on Framilode Passage, is submerged within a roadside hedge and is almost invisible from the street. It is only when up close that villagers can sense that something unusual is happening.

An office sign on the hedgerow includes a number to call for legal advice 0800 345 7285 (SAUL), whilst office furniture – including waiting room chairs, filing cabinets and client files – is placed either side of the iconic red box.

A statement released by Jimmy McGill has shed light on the reasoning for setting up his first international office after finding several outdated laws that could be taken advantage of.

The statement from Jimmy McGill, said: “I am proud to announce the first J M McGill Attorney at Law office outside of Albuquerque. I have chosen England as my new base after finding out that those folks with a stiff upper lip have some ridiculous laws. Only within England and Wales can someone get into legal trouble for having one too many drinks, vacuuming in the evening, dressing up as a sailor and even flying a kite in a park… crazy Brits.”

After stumbling across the office on her property, local resident Mandy Crawford, said: “We don’t normally have much happen in this village, it is pretty quiet here, so you notice something new. Having the office of ‘Better Call Saul’ here hasn’t bothered me… Actually I am just happy he cut my hedge back, it needed the trim!

“I think it’s kind of funny to think that someone has turned our local BT phone box into an office – the only other one here was turned into defibrillator a few years ago – so this didn’t seem that crazy. In fact, there are only a few businesses in the area, so it is good to see more people setting up here, Crawford said. “This is the only lawyer in the village, so I am sure I will not be alone in calling up for some legal advice.”

As Breaking Bad obsessives are well aware, Saul Goodman is an elusive character, so it remains to be seen if the show’s star turns up.

Jonathan Boseley, general manager of BT TV content, said: “We’re delighted that Saul has decided to set up his UK office…in Saul! We’re hoping he makes an appearance at our iconic phone box, but if he doesn’t we’ll just have to follow this quirky character on our screens from Tuesday on AMC, exclusive to BT customers.”

The UK network premiere of “Better Call Saul” will be exclusive to BT customers in the UK on the AMC channel – on BT TV channel 332 from Tuesday 27 June.

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