Pigalle Duperré is a colourful basketball court tucked between a row of apartments in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Named after its location, the court is situated on Rue Duperré and was first renovated by Pigalle founder Stéphane Ashpool and Nike in 2009. Coinciding with the release of Pigalle’s latest clothing collection created in collaboration with NikeLab, the basketball court has undergone a major makeover by creative agency Ill-Studio.

The new layout sees the Pigalle Basketball Court spiced up with a fresh and funky aesthetic. A grid of grape-colored gradients, sunflower-stained strokes, and bold blue hues blanket the basketball court’s walls and floor, surrounding players in the saturated and smooth shades of a setting sun.

Pigalle has firmly become one of the leading streetwear brands of today and led by its basketball-fan founder Stéphane Ashpool, it has a charming story to tell. Pigalle as a neighbourhood is a typical spot for masterful creativity – a slum that was disregarded for years but thriving with great people. It was home to kids who would often believe their lives wouldn’t amount to much, so there was a lot of crime.

In came Ashpool, who not only made the court a centre of the community, but he created a second label Pigalle Basketball and asked local kids to join the club, clothing all of them in his hip clobber as well as becoming a cool uncle figure and, keeping them out of potential trouble. Such is the nature of the man, I visited the store and he soon invited myself and my mate to his birthday party the following day… where else but the court! We came and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had in Paris. This is more than jst a label to Ashpool it is a community.