At first glance, Elsie Hewitt is your quintessential L.A. girl, all long hair and laidback ease. Talk to her for a moment and you’ll realize there’s a twist, courtesy of a subtle British accent. That’s because she was raised in London until the age of 11 when she and her family moved to California.
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Just a few years later, Hewitt was fully independent, which accounts for her “wise beyond her years” air. The 21-year-old has been on her own since she was a teenager.

Now she’s a rising model with a massive social media presence and recently been linked to dating 42-year-old actor Ryan Phillippe after they were seen hanging out at Coachella. It’s not hard to see why after she became the Miss June 2017 Playmate for Playboy Magazine in a desert shoot by Stephan Würth.

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