The Pollution Pods installation in Norway replicates the smell and air quality of different urban environments. A collaboration between British artist Michael Pinsky and Climart, the installation consists of five pods that lead visitors on an olfactory journey through London, UK; Trondheim, Norway; São Paulo, Brazil; Beijing, China and New Delhi, India.

The project recreates the reality of air pollution for populations around the world, using combinations of fragrances and harmless ingredients created by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research to communicate the issue in an engaging way.

Visitors move from one pod to the next through short corridors to highlight the interconnectedness of all these global Eco-systems.
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Starting in Trondheim, a coastal city with comparatively low pollution levels, guests move on to progressively more polluted environments.

“London is primarily diesel fumes,” commented the artist Pinsky, “and São Paulo has a smell like vinegar, since they use ethanol for transport.
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