Any encounter with a New York City trash can is ordinarily an unsavoury one — unless you happen to stumble upon one of these bountiful bin bouquets that have been showing up around town. Floral designer Lewis Miller has been turning empty garbage cans into voluminous vases, each one overflowing with colourful blooms and lush greenery.   As part of the ongoing project, New York-based designer Lewis Miller and his team take to the city’s street corners and infill empty cans with oversized botanical arrangements and the street side installations are turning heads across the city, as pedestrians no longer deliberately dodge the questionable contents of the can, but draw nearer to its carefully-articulated arrangement instead.

Exotic blooms are paired with pale pink roses, flowering azalea branches, striking sunflowers and gorgeous greenery, creating abundant arrangements fit for a photo shoot.
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“We are storytellers through the art of floral design, transforming an arrangement into a love song and an event into an indelible experience,” the team describe.
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