Inside the Panometer — a former gasometer in Leipzig, Germany — artist Yadegar Asisi’s ‘Titanic – The Promise of Modernity’ is bringing visitors 3,800 metres below the surface of the Atlantic to discover the ruins of the Titanic.

The immersive underwater expedition by Yadegar Asisi is experienced across a 360° panoramic screen, spans 3,500 square metres, where the  sunken wreck is recreated at 1:1 scale and puts viewers at eye-level with the enormous ship.

An artificial light scenario allows visitors to discover the full extent of the tragic event, showing the ship broken into two pieces and everyday objects — like technical equipment and passenger baggage — scattered throughout. A composition has been created by Eric Babak especially for the exhibition, with background noises tailoured specifically to the mysterious mood.



Through the monumental installation at Panometer Leipzig, Asisi seeks to addresses the maritime tragedy while also commenting on man’s attempt to overcome nature. “For me, on the one hand, the titanic stands for an extraordinary engineering accomplishment, on the other hand, her fate symbolises the hubris of mankind,” Asisi explains.





All photos by Tom Schulze © Asisi

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