If you’ve been wanting to up your art history game lately, the Guggenheim has you covered – recently releasing a treasure trove of art books to the public for free.

Guggenheim Art Books

The museum embarked on a massive digitisation project in 2012, now with over 200 titles in its online collection that includes exhibition catalogues, art books, and monographs.

Guggenheim Art Books

The impressive library is available to download for free, giving readers a chance to learn about art movements like Russian Constructivism and the Italian metamorphosis; centuries of Chinese and Aztec art; and overviews of artists including Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, and Gustav Klimt.

Guggenheim Art BooksTo get your hands on PDFs of these books, head to the Guggenheim’s digital archive here.

All images taken from the archive.