The elusive street artist Banksy has created a new piece of work, this time appearing to comment on the Brexit vote for the first time.Banksy BrexitPopping up overnight on a building close to Dover’s ferry terminal, which connects the UK with mainland Europe, it depicts a workman chiseling a star off the EU flag – an element of the flag that represents the ‘ideals of unity, solidarity, and harmony among the people’s of Europe.’Banksy Brexit

Shared by the artist on Instagram to coincide with the French presidential race, the large mural comes at a time when these ideals need to be reinforced – particularly in light of the news of our own upcoming snap election and Brexit deal talks.BanksyBanksy has created similar reminders in the past; 2015 saw him create a number of pieces in the Calais refugee camp – the most notable of which showed Steve Jobs, whose father was a Syrian immigrant (above, via Getty Images) – while another depicted a girl from Les Misérables being attacked by tear gas, which appeared on the French embassy in London in January 2016.

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