After projecting a safari of smartly-dressed wildlife on the streets of Paris, Julien Nonnon returns to the French capital with an urban, digital street art experience. With ‘Le Baiser’, Nonnon has illuminated buildings, façades and architectural facets of the city with more than 100 kissing couples, reminding us  that Paris is truly ‘The City of Love’. The video mapped images become romantic, ephemeral artworks that celebrate happiness and see Parisians taking ownership of their city with love. #Le_Baiser is inspired by a quote from poet Alfred de Musset: “the only true language in the world is a kiss”. Through his poetic and contemplative artwork, Nonnon intends to spread love and laughter across the city. The project commenced with an open casting, where more than a hundred couples were asked to take part in the adventure of creating ‘a library of love’. “The number of people aiming to be part in a casting was beyond my expectations,” Nonnon describes.
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“I received many heartfelt and touching messages from a lot of people telling me their stories and why they wanted to contribute to such a project.
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