The latest work by interactive light installation pioneer, Miguel Chevalier entitled ‘Voûtes Célestes’ or Heavenly Vaults is seen inside the 16th century Saint Eustache Church in Paris. The virtual-reality installation interacts with the dramatic Gothic architecture of the site.


Chevalier’s artistic projections found on the church’s chancel vaults, central nave, and cross-shaped transepts; making the volumes of the columns and ribbed vaults engage in a dynamic choreography before visitors’ eyes. This latest artwork is accompanied by music from Saint Eustache’s organist Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard and the church’s choir.

 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_02 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_03 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_04 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_05 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_06 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_07 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_08 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_09 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_10 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_11 miguel-chevalier-heavenly-vaults_12