Hula, the pseudonym of Hawaiian artist and muralist Sean Yoro, recently journeyed to Baffin Island in the territory of Nunavut — a massive and sparsely populated area that forms most of the Canadian arctic archipelago. The artist navigated the frigid waters for days in search of a piece of ice that would sustain the weight of himself and his team without cracking beneath them in a stunning film ‘What if You Fly’.


The areas the team visited for The North Face are greatly affected by climate change and tides rise and fall intermittently throughout the day. Finally, after hours of exploration, Hula found the ice where he would paint a larger-than-life portrait of a local Inuit woman.


The artistic journey resulted in a short film documented by Renan and Taylor Ozturk, and produced by Camp4Collective. The piece offers an insightful and poignant look at the project’s progress and the message that lies at its core.
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Marking the most technical and remote location that Hula has ever attempted a mural, Nunavut’s local history and geography is explored, delving deep into heart of the Inuit culture and community. The film also brings viewers a closer look at the artist’s own personality like we haven’t seen before, reflecting on his fears and faith as it relates to his practice and passions.
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hula-what-if-you-fly_03 hula-what-if-you-fly_04 hula-what-if-you-fly_05 hula-what-if-you-fly_06 hula-what-if-you-fly_07 hula-what-if-you-fly_08 hula-what-if-you-fly_09