Okuda San Miguel has transformed an abandoned house in north west Arkansas into The Universal Chapel with his signature street art style combining dynamic displays of colour and abstract geometries with human figures, eyes, and animals. His emblematic graphics and motifs have enlivened the existing structure with floor to roof animations.


The Universal Chapel sees Okuda wrap the disused site in a technicolour coat of vibrant visuals as part of the second edition of The Unexpected Art Festival, organised by 64.6 Downtown and curated by Charlotte Dutoit of JustKids.


Okuda’s dynamic display of colour and abstract geometries canvases the façade, hip roof, and entryway, turning the abandoned house into a public outdoor museum for both locals and visitors to experience and enjoy.

okuda-san-miguel-the-universal-chapel-arkansas_04 okuda-san-miguel-the-universal-chapel-arkansas_05 okuda-san-miguel-the-universal-chapel-arkansas_06 okuda-san-miguel-the-universal-chapel-arkansas_07 okuda-san-miguel-the-universal-chapel-arkansas_08 okuda-san-miguel-the-universal-chapel-arkansas_09