Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov has transformed the mundane pedestrian crossings of Torrelodones, Madrid into a colourful kaleidoscopic adventure for children on their way to school. Guelov’s public art installations ‘Funnycross’ sees four crossings given a makeover outside the region’s three schools by interweaving the iconic white lines with colorful zig-zags, diamonds, circles, and more. the project aims to combine concepts of art, functionality, and urban planning.


The vibrant colours used by Guelov serve a purpose beyond just artistic merit and are intended to rejuvenate the dated urban signposting.
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By contemporising everyday design with simple and eye-catching patterns, Guelov brings focus to the fore, and hopes to remind drivers and pedestrians alike to pay attention to the world around them. The project also raises questions about the use of colour in urban planning, challenging the grey, mundane tonality that has become the norm in modern cities.
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The crossings are so vibrant that the drivers can clearly see where they are, making it easier to avoid hitting pedestrians. This doesn’t mean they won’t, however, so if you’ve been hit while crossing a pedestrian crossing then you may want to contact someone like the Wocl Leydon, LLC Bridgeport personal injury attorneys to see if they can help you get compensation.

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