Daniel Arsham opens his ­­­­­­­first solo exhibition in New York at Galerie Perrotin, featuring a milieu of sculptural pieces along with an immersive, large scale installation. The engaging sequence of artwork presented as part of the exhibit ‘Circa 2345’ reflects themes that relate to the fragility of human civilization and the ephemeral nature of time, common threads throughout Arsham’s overall oeuvre.


The installation on the lower floor of the gallery sees Arsham move from his standard black and white and, for the very first time, as he introduces colour in his sculptural work. Visitors encounter a cavernous, immersive architectural installation that continues Arsham’s previous investigation of archaeology, fiction and time.
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By transforming elemental materials such as stone, crystal and ash into cultural artifacts, he offers a glimpse into our current culture, viewed from the perspective of an archeological site in the faraway future; from which the exhibition draws its name.
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daniel-arsham-circa2345-galerie-perrotin_02 daniel-arsham-circa2345-galerie-perrotin_04 daniel-arsham-circa2345-galerie-perrotin_05 daniel-arsham-circa2345-galerie-perrotin_06daniel-arsham-circa2345-galerie-perrotin_01 daniel-arsham-circa2345-galerie-perrotin_07