How would you show the value of water?
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I bet the first response would be to hang 2,500 illuminated condoms from string to signify water droplets, would it? But that is exactly what Luzinterruptus have done with their immersive, public installation Rain Interactive in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung. Within two outdoor walkways, the anonymous artistic group has suspended 2,500 illuminated condoms from a structural grid, forming large, luminous ‘droplets’ that surrounds visitors.

rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_07Rain Interactive highlights Taiwan’s suffering from severe droughts, and draws attention to its agricultural system; which strongly depends on irrigation.
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The condoms have been filled with blue coloured water and suspended at varying heights from a net overhead, forming a luminous expanse for visitors to walk through and interact with. Subtly glowing by night, the water-filled orbs transform the space into a multi-sensory environment suitable for all audiences… well kind of.

rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_01 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_02 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_03 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_04 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_05 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_06  rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_08 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_09 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_10 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_11 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_12 rain-interactive-taiwan-luzinterruptus_13