We rarely fulfill the dream jobs we had when we were young, those hours deciding “I want to be a…” seem wasted now many years on. However, Horia Manolache, a photographer based in San Francisco has creatively turned these dreams into a captivating photo series ‘Homeless As They Dreamed To Become’.


Inspired by Jim Goldberg’s ‘Rich and Poor’ exhibition at Pier 24 in San Francisco, Horia presented his models in their daily clothes and then assembled this picture with the one where they are in their dream job.
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The project is a great example of the dreams of the people who have forgotten to dream or couldn’t dream.


The project is now the focus of a crowdfunding campaign so that Manolache can publish a book that includes long form stories of each of the subjects, and in his words, tell the whole truth.


Manolche said of his project:

“I’m trying to change a mentality, a generalisation that has made its mark on the homeless people. I found a common misperception in which homeless people are also mentally ill, lazy and so on.
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The book will be about the homeless people and the moment when they had the pace to dream and to speak with somebody about their problems without fearing anything and, in turn, hopefully we will all see the true reality… beautiful people with beautiful minds.

homeless-as-they-dreamed-to-become_03 homeless-as-they-dreamed-to-become_04 homeless-as-they-dreamed-to-become_06 homeless-as-they-dreamed-to-become_07 homeless-as-they-dreamed-to-become_08