Tundra Collective’s latest immersive light installation ‘My Whale’ sees thousands of luminous hexagonal cells create the feeling of swimming alongside whales.


‘My Whale (Inner Revision)’ comprises of a series of projectors that beam coloured light onto a curved wall surrounding visitors, forming an audio-visual effect that brings the sounds of a whale to life.
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Created by tundra for the exhibition 9 Lights In 9 Rooms at D Museum, the installation demonstrates the artistic potential of light as a medium, and offers unconventional stimuli to visitors’ senses.


Each piece of the ever-evolving projection created is cloned from previous ones, with a series of random changes throughout, with each cell behaves differently in the space, pulsating to the rhythm of the whale songs.
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   tundra-my-whale-04 tundra-my-whale-05 tundra-my-whale-06