Brazilian artist Lucas Wakamatsu has designed a series of bright, bold and colourful designs for a fictional soda drink called Resonance. The four unique cans include kaleidoscopic compositions on otherwise simply branded goods, turning the ordinarily drab drinking vessels into creative containers worth collecting.
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Wakamatsu, created four ‘sensations’ to bring the flavours of the drink inside to life subtly on its exterior packaging. Drawn on one, a figure jumps through a multi-coloured wormhole that leads to an unknown abyss; another sees a hybrid-human surrounded by pink and purple polka dots; a third sees a female figure clouded in a fog of colourful and abstract shapes; and a final male illustration is encircled in planetary-like rings and enveloped by ameba-esque geometries.

Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_03 Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_04 Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_05 Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_06 Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_07 Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_08 Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_09 Lukas-Wakamatsu-soda-cans_10