San Miguel has created its own unique Rich List, unearthing a group of 20 ‘life-rich’ individuals from across the globe who have unique, compelling and aspirational stories to tell. These are told through a series of captivating short films that meet the individuals who have experienced the truly inspirational.

robbie-shone-san-miguel-rich-list_03The men and women featured have been chosen for how they devote their lives to making their worlds bigger and because they pursue the most valuable of all things – experiences.


The first film features world renowned British cave explorer Robbie Shone, as he explores the natural beauty & wonder of the labyrinth of caves that lie beneath the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.


In the second film San Miguel tells the story of Swedish underwater marine photographer Göran Ehlmé who has been filming nature documentaries since 1993 and taking still photographs of marine life since 1984. Yet, he didn’t start there, it was as a young carpenter, that Göran realised that he craved the rawness of the ocean.
After learning everything he’d need to make it happen, he cut free from the norm and set out on a lifelong journey of discovery. If it’s everyday, it doesn’t excite Göran. Many of the places he dives are outstandingly beautiful and many of the animals he works closely with are ones few people have ever captured underwater before.
 goran-ehlme-san-miguel-rich-list_02 goran-ehlme-san-miguel-rich-list_01

The series of films have been created in association with the Discovery Channel and The Guardian as part of its “Explore The Rich List” campaign.