Danish photographer Kasper Nyman has created a labour of love project titled Cities of Basketball, sprung from his passion for the game of basketball and his shear love of traveling. First a hobby, the project quickly developed into a never ending journey to document and portray courts in cities around the world.


The origins of the urban sport comes from New York. The city is home to around 700 urban courts spread out over the five boroughs, with each borough to this day claiming they are the best. Basketball, both there and across the world, is more than just a sport, it is a place for social conviviality and a space to bring the community and neighbourhood together.

Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_02 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_03 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_04 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_05 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_06 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_07 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_08 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_09 Kasper-Nyman-Cities-Of-Basketball_10