In the desert south of Las Vegas, Nevada, Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone has erected a monumental public installation that rises from the rocky terrain. Presented by the Art Production Fund and the Nevada Museum Of Art, ‘Seven Magic Mountains‘ comprises a sequence of huge colourful stones configured in a way that seemingly defy gravity.


The stacked shapes, reminiscent of naturally-occurring hoodoos, seem simultaneously balanced between stability and collapse. Nearly five years in the making, these mammoth cairns evoke the art of meditative rock balancing, as they negotiate the landscape between geological formations and abstract compositions.


Seven Magic Mountains comprises locally-sourced limestone boulders arranged in vertical groups of three to six slabs. the totems tower between thirty and thirty-five feet high above visitors, with individual stones each painted a different fluorescent color. “Seven Magic Mountains elicits continuities and solidarities between human and nature, artificial and natural, then and now,” Rondinone describes.

ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-00   ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-03 ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-04 ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-05 ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-06 ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-07 ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-08 ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-09 ugo-rondinone-seven-magic-mountains-10

Positioned within the Ivanpah Valley and surrounded by mountains, the installation will be on view for two years from May, 2016.