Bones on the Outside is a photographic project initiated by Mexican Mariana Garcia. On nude models, delicate floral and abstract graphics are drawn to the skin, referring to a poetic and conceptual formation of the skeleton. The work is performed and modeled by Ana Kraš and Diana Garcia in collaboration with artist Oliver Halsman.

Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-00Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-02 Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-04 Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-07 Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-09 Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-01 Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-06 Bones-On-The-Outside-culture-and-life-08