Hungarian photographer Zsolt Hlinka’s latest photo series ‘100 Year Old Houses’ reinterprets hundred year old buildings of Nagykörút, Budapest by perspective, changing our ordinary spatial perception of this historic landmarks. As the buildings are framing the sky, the contrast is getting maximized between geometric, sealed networks of architectural forms and the unsubstantial, infinite space of the sky.
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Looking at Hlinka’s accurately constructed, central photographs by  it feels like the buildings are tunnels driving to the infinity of the sky – and this is where time appears, as if the floors leading to infinity represents time and the age of the buildings. This added emphasis, draws in turn, attention to the hidden details often overlooked in buildings, like elevator shafts, window frames and brickwork.
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 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-05 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-06 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-07 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-08 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-09 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-10 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-01 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-02 zsolt-hlinka-100-year-old-houses-03