Ahead of a summer packed with major tournaments, Nike has unveiled an array of kits ready to take the football pitch. The home and away kits of nine major national teams has been revealed, all of which feature the latest in fabric construction, performance technology, moisture management and environmental sustainability. If this sports wear is getting you in the mood to get working out and in shape, take a look at the products sold at Ryderwear like mens workout shorts.

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The 2016 European Championships will see England, France, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, and Turkey don their new Nike gear, while the US national team will compete alongside Brazil and Chile in June’s Copa América.

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England’s new home and away kits are predominantly white and red, respectively. The home kit features a classic white body with contrasting light blue shoulders and sleeves. On the chest, engineered knit zones create a geometric pattern that enhances fit, with smaller mesh shapes at the bottom of the graphic. Odes to national pride appear on both the interior and exterior of the shirt, including the graphic crest alongside the worlds ‘England’ knitted into the back collar. The reverse of the crest reveals a rose graphic, referencing the symbol that was embroidered onto early England caps in the 19th century. The sides of the kit have a blue stripe that runs the length of the shirt and continues down the shorts.

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The Portugese national team’s new home and away kits feature red and green themes. The home jersey features a vivid red body with deeper garnet red shoulders and sleeves. The word ‘Portugal’ is knit into the back collar, while ‘Nação’ (nation) and ‘Valente’ (brave), representing the adventurous spirit of the culture, are knit into the inside cuffs. The interior of the body reveals an armillary sphere — a storied navigation tool that to pays homage to the country’s seafaring heritage.

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The US national football team unveils classic white and bold black themes for their respective 2016 home and away kits. The uniforms proudly feature the new United States Soccer Federation crest, which consists of a modernized shield with ‘USA’ in a new navy blue font, placed above a series of vertical red and white stripes. Phrases like ‘1 nation’ and ‘1 team’ adorn the inside cuffs, while the inside of the body reveals a circular graphic with with ‘USA’ written in the center, surrounded by motivational statements like ‘we can,’ ‘we will,’ and ‘we are’.

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Brazil — the most decorated nation in global football — will step onto the pitch in new Nike Vapor kits. the vibrant ‘Canarihno’ yellow and vivid blue themes of Brazil’s home and away kits have been united with Nike Aeroswift technology. The federation crest is surrounded by five stars, while the words ‘Brasil’, ‘Amor’ (love) and ‘Orgulho’ (pride) also adorn the jersey. The inside of the body reveals the iconic diamond of the Brazilian flag encircled by the rallying cry ‘Nascido para jogar futebol’ (born to play football). The sides of the kit feature a green stripe that runs the length of the shirt.

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France’s home and away Nike Vapor kits are predominantly blue and white. The new home kit features a hyper-cobalt blue body with contrasting darker shoulders and sleeves. On the chest, engineered knit zones create a geometric pattern that enhances fit, with smaller mesh shapes at the bottom of the graphic. Odes to national pride appear on the interior of the shirt as the team crest, and words ‘France’, ‘Fierte’ (pride) and ‘Bleu’ (blue). The inside of the body reveals a hexagonal graphic, representing the diverse, multi-cultural composition of modern day France, framed by the message ‘Nos differences nous unissent’ (our differences unite us).

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