Gabriel Pulecio, a Colombian designer based in Brooklyn, New York, has realised ‘Saturn Submerged’, an interactive mirrored sculpture that creates an infinite space within a box. ‘Saturn Submerged’ is a sculpture composed of multiple mirrored surfaces and LED’s, which are fused to create the illusion of infinite depth and imagery.

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Mirrors in ‘Saturn Submerged’ include convex domes and walls; the LED’s are programmed to continuously change in randomised combinations of almost infinite colours and sequences. This sculpture is part of an ongoing series of boxes that create an expanded infinite space within itself.

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Gabriel Pulecio’s work operates in the intersection between art, technology, and motion design. Recently, Pulecio has been focusing his digital expertise on creating interactive sculptures and non-linear installations that push the boundaries between digital and physical mediums. His studio not only serves as a laboratory for spatial research and prototyping but also as an interactive showcase of his works.

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