Fresh from his recent Vogue cover, Derek Zoolander lets the magazine inside his really, really ridiculously good-looking apartment for the title’s video interview series, 73 Questions. In the newest edition of the innovative interview format, the magazine is invited by Blue Steel’s very own, Derek Zoolander, for a tour of his luxe (winter) home.
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derek-zoolander-vogue-73-questions-culture and life_05

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The video tour, to promote the soon to launch movie Zoolander 2, reveals the male supermodel’s thoughts on living in New York City – “The diversity — you have really good-looking people, and also very attractive people”, his relationship with Hansel – “Probably with words”, and the secret to becoming a successful model. The best however, was probably when asked about his favourite colour – “I don’t see race, but probably Chinese.”

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