As it stands, it would seem that the Zoee is an artist who is keeping her cards very close to the metaphorical chest region. From what we can tell from browsing on her Twitter page, All Saints are a big influence as well as London chill-pop/wave duo Sunless 97, and of course, 90’s mute troublemaker Mr Bean – an eclectic range if there ever was one.

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This is not to say that she isn’t firmly set on carving out a path of her own. Debut track ‘Insecure (7,8,9)’ draws on the springiest elements of contemporaries such as PC Music’s QT, but contrasts the pop melodies with an off-beat drum loop that would be better suited to a Vybz Kartel dancehall dub than the upbeat offering we are presented with. buy proscar cheap without prescription

The lo-fi glitchy instrumental lays a raw foundation for Zoee to put down a sincere ode to the uncertainties every gal faces in the initial stages of hooking up with a guy. However instead of it being lyrically self loathing, the track gushes with empowerment and positivity in a way that would do Shaznay and the Appleton sisters both proud.
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The mission statement is clear; keep it short, keep it catchy, keep it stripped down and leave more to be desired – just don’t keep it inconsistent, as we’d love to hear a follow-up very soon.
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