On Saturday October 24, barbecue teams, judges and 25,000 fans from around the world gathered to celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue. After an intense day of competition, smoking, seasoning, a searing BBQ and amazing food, Smokey D’s BBQ was crowned Grand Champion.

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In this film, we join the iconic Tennessee whiskey brand on a journey into Jack Daniel’s rich heritage and long-standing relationship with the BBQ, taking a behind-the-scenes view of the distillery before the championship kicked off, as well as, meeting a few of the people that work there.

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Jack Daniel’s is intrinsically tied to BBQ culture and has been since its inception to this day, with tales of the legend of Jack, who himself, used to host BBQ’s for the whole town. Carrying on his spirit, the brand has since hosted the iconic, invitation-only World BBQ Championships in Lynchburg, Tennessee with smoking fires and chargrilled meats a-plenty. Watch on a full stomach or you’ll be left craving to rip into some ribs and wash it down with some of Jack Daniel’s famous whiskey! buy tricor cheap https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/tricor.html without prescription

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The film shows how Jack Daniel’s pays the same levels of care and attention to the product as when Jack Daniel’s first founded the distillery – every bottle still uses the water from their fresh spring, the charcoal still created in the same way, and only brand new white oak barrels are used in the production.

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For more information on Jack Daniel’s, check out the Facebook Page.