Leigh Sachwitz’s installation INSIDEOUT invites the viewers to experience a storm within a greenhouse illuminated by bright projections. Presented for the first time in Hamburg, the piece has been shown in Munich, Vienna, and now is traveling from Paris to Amsterdam.

Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_06

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The 360° multimedia installation is composed of an aluminum framework that resembles a greenhouse, with translucent walls, where the rain is projected. The project aims to explore the house as a safe place from nature’s forces.
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The sound plays a big role as it guides the visitor into an experience where a big storm hits the house, making the participant feel vulnerable and exposed.
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Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_02 Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_03 Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_04 Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_05 Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_07 Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_08 Leigh-Sachwitz-INSIDEOUT-culture and life_09

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