Prepare to be completely awe inspired by the simple BIC pen. An incredible 24 sqm pavilion entitled The BIC Cristal Structure, made up of 10,000 BIC pens, has been created by international architecture practice AAU Anastas for the International Association for Shell for the Spatial Structures (IASS) symposium held in Amsterdam in August 2015 at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ. This astounding structure, featuring an experimental catenary form, showcases the potential of everyday objects and questions modern day ideas around wastefulness and reusability.
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The-BIC-Cristal-Structure-culture and life-01

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There are few things as exciting as when creatives challenge our perspectives and encourage us to perceive things in fresh new ways. At a time when careless consumption is causing unmitigated damage to global environments, it is refreshing to take more than a second glance at objects that are regularly discarded. Looking up at the amazing formation of the BIC structure, you are both confronted and encapsulated as you struggle to believe that such a bold yet delicate construction could consist of just ordinary pens.
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