Spanish photographer Silvia Grav creates surreal worlds of whimsical fancy where everything is as she would like, an alternate reality from her mind’s imagination. This personal universe is created through a manipulated photographic series documenting her dreamlike, yet monochromatic, views.
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With images featuring both human figures and inanimate objects in unconventional ways, Grav’s images range from the bizarre and creepy to the mysterious and dreamy. Visions of young women offer hints to science fiction and galactic themes with stars and beams of light piercing their bodies, whilst others use the juxtaposition of light and dark for a spectacular dramatic effect.
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 Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-02 Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-05 Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-07 Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-09 Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-10 Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-11Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-03Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-04 Silvia-Grav-black-and-white-photo-manipulations-06

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