Penguins Mirror is an interactive installation as part of Daniel Rozin’s solo show Descent with Modification at the Bitforms Gallery in New York. Penguins Mirror is an piece that is scattered on the floor and comprises of 450 motorized stuffed animals.
daniel rozin penguins mirrror_03

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Reductive in palette, yet baroque in behavior, it performs an absurdly homogeneous system of movement. Playing with the compositional possibilities of black and white, each penguin turns from side to side and responds to the presence of an audience. As they perform, the penguins’ collective intelligence is puzzling, yet somehow familiar, as the plush toys enact a precise choreography rooted in geometry.
daniel rozin penguins mirrror_01
As with many of his other kinetic mirrors, Rozin makes use of the black and white color tones found on the stuffed animals to generate moving silhouettes in response to movements captured by video cameras. buy rimonabant cheap without prescription
 daniel rozin penguins mirrror_02 daniel rozin penguins mirrror_04 daniel rozin penguins mirrror_05
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