Paris-based photographer Julien Mauve has collaborated with Sony to create a funny take on 21st Century tourism in his series Greetings From Mars. Whether its a solo selfie, or a shot alongside a friend with the aid of a selfie stick, astronauts are pictured throughout the series to show humanity’s imagined response to a trip to Mars — taking pictures and sharing them online. The project, is about space exploration and discovery, but it’s also about our behaviour in front of landscapes and how we create pictures that will share our personal story with the world.

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In 1492, Christopher Colombus discovered America. Less than 500 years later, it has become a common touristic destination for wealthy people from every part of the world. What remains of the Wild West has now been transformed into National Park where people can quietly enjoy breathtaking landscapes.
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Unknown worlds are now located far from Earth and now our most famous explorer is a robot. the Mars rover Curiosity is the Christopher Colombus of our century, crawling the surface of Mars, searching for clues and information about its past. As with the Wild West, we could imagine a point where Mars would become a tourist destination for people to visit and experience. NASA and SpaceX are already working on it and it is obvious that in less than 50 years, humans will walk on Mars. buy amaryl cheap without prescription

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Mauve had always wondered what it would be like to discover a totally different world, lifeless, full of wild landscapes and to photograph it for the first time.  Every spot in Greetings From Mars is carefully chosen for its similarities with the red planet, with astronauts playing the role of stereotypical tourists.
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