Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro, aka Hula, traditionally works with paint on wood panels; but one day he he combined his surfboarding skills and artistic nature and took to the seas in search of street art canvasses. Instead of applying his paint to walls and surfaces in urban environments, Hula made his way to abandoned spaces and untouched building façades only accessible by water. Carefully carrying cans of coloured paint on the edge of his board, the now New York-based artist sources seaside locations in the creation of his most recent series of female portraits, half submerged in the surrounding water.

Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_01 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_02 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_03 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_04 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_05 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_06 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_07 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_08 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_09 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_10 Hula-Painting-Artist-Surfboard_11