Shanghai-based media artist JT Singh has delivered a second imaginative portrayal of his city in Walk In Shanghai, a captivating tour of Shanghai’s urban streets. With its futuristic skyline and sprawling network of streets, subway lines, and highways, Shanghai represents not just China’s unbridled dynamism, but also the rapidly maturing global economy. The bustling city holds a further, complex and equally exhilarating narrative nestled at the feet of its towering skyscrapers. Walk in Shanghai tells the story of the lively, multifaceted and, above all else, very human experience unfolding at the street level of this massive city.

JT Singh Walk In Shanghai_04

The guide for this streetscape video is JT Singh himself, leading the viewer on a curious adventure through central Shanghai, glancing around corners, weaving through crowds, and with a barely perceptible pause here or an impulsive turn there, stumbles into the unhinged entropy that flows through the hidden alleys, accidental views, and captivating scenes embedded in the city’s vibrant street life.

JT Singh Walk In Shanghai_05

The peculiar reversal of the city’s movement against his own distinguishes his story from that of the other 24 million people taking 24 million walks in Shanghai.
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It’s through a heightened focus on one man’s seemingly unstructured journey that we discover the ultimate protagonist of this story: the transcendent power of using your legs for discovering a city.

JT Singh Walk In Shanghai_01

Shanghai in particular is a great city for walking as its downtown maintains its extensive walkable neighborhoods through the historic preservation of its urban fabric.
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Above all, JT Singh’s playful artistry is a celebration of the beauty of walking in cities. A visceral pleasure made possible by walkable and human scale urban environments. Walk on!

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