Five years ago, whilst researching ways of documenting the haunted village of Pluckley in Kent, British photographer Ed Thompson devised a wider project around infrared photography and its ability to reveal things outside our visual spectrum. Using the last 36 dead-stock rolls of Kodak Aerochrome film in existence to comprise the series ‘The Unseen’, Thomson explores the literal boundaries of perception and simultaneously forms a new visual language for documentary photography.

Ed Thompson The Unseen_06

Under normal conditions, humans are able to perceive a visible wavelength of light between 400-700 nanometers (the range of light most cameras record) whereas infrared film, with the correct filtration, can reveal light between 750-1000 nanometers. Thus allowing Thompson’s final images to unearth sights and scenes invisible in reality, while also accidentally exposing something else.

Ed Thompson The Unseen_02 Ed Thompson The Unseen_03 Ed Thompson The Unseen_04 Ed Thompson The Unseen_05 Ed Thompson The Unseen_07

Ed Thompson The Unseen_01

Ed Thompson ‘The Unseen’ is currently on show at Four Corners Gallery, London until 18 April 2015.