English rock star daughter and model Daisy Lowe is fast becoming the modern day Demi Moore – rarely seen with clothes on. Lowe, who famously bared all for Playboy in 2011 has recently stripped down again for Ponystep Magazine’s No.7 issue.


Daisy Lowe Ponystep_01

Styled by Akari Endo-Gaut and photographed by Catherine Servel, the editorial showcases Lowe in various states of undress, featuring her in less-than-there bathing suits, a dress, a skirt with no top, and more.

Daisy Lowe Ponystep_02 Daisy Lowe Ponystep_03 Daisy Lowe Ponystep_04 Daisy Lowe Ponystep_05 Daisy Lowe Ponystep_06 Daisy Lowe Ponystep_07 Daisy Lowe Ponystep_08 Daisy Lowe Ponystep_09