Italian photographer and designer Paolo Pettigiani has captured stunning colourful Infrared Landscapes scenes from his hometown of Avigliana, Torino shooting the pink and blue hued series using an infrared filter on his camera, creating a candy-coloured photographic collection of the snow-capped site. Pettigiani’s style mirrors that of Richard Mosse, who won the Deutsche Börse photography prize for his infrared shots of Congo.

Paolo-Pettigiani-Infared Landscapes_00

The technique allows viewers into a world unseen, as eyes cannot fully see infrared light. using a camera filter, bright whites, marking areas such as snow and sky, visualize instead as turquoise, whereas darker tones in the frame materialize as cotton-candy pink. The sleepy town’s dreamy panoramas of grassy expanses, mountainous ranges and calm waters look like a surreal suburban vision, almost unreal in its colorful quality.
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