The Times and The Sunday Times have released the latest instalments in The Unquiet Film Series, a collection of films celebrating the historical and cultural impact of the newspapers. The newspapers have given filmmakers unprecedented access to 229 years of archive material. Bringing The World To Britain focuses on foreign news reporting, whilst Cultural Impact looks at the effect the papers had on popular culture.


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Bringing The World To Britain, directed by Liz Unna, is told through the eyes of multi-award winning foreign correspondent Christina Lamb OBE and her desire to tell the stories from the world around us. Lamb won Young Journalist of the Year in 1988 when there were very few women in the field and began working in Pakistan and Afghanistan long before the world turned its attention to these areas, bringing back the real-life stories of family life in these countries.




This is followed by Cultural Impact, directed by Rob Blishen, which delves into the influence The Times and The Sunday Times have had on popular culture, resonating beyond the story. From Billy Russell redefining war  journalism in 1854 and inspiring Tennyson’s famous poem Charge Of The Light Brigade, to ex-editor William Rees-Mogg’s written words helping to free rock icons the Rolling Stones, criticising their jail sentence for possession of drugs in 1967.




The films are the fifth and sixth in the series and open to all online at with three further films set for release in the coming months.


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The Unquiet Film Series is the result of a collaboration between News UK, Grey London, Betsy Works and Phil Lind. For more on the series visit