Québec’s Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook has been turned into a luminous enchanted forest by Montreal-based design company Moment Factory, turning the vast woodlands into a magical nocturnal trail. Foresta Lumina comprises a 2km pathway winding through trees with bewitched characters (drawn from the area’s myths and legends), colourful illuminated installations and mysteriously glowing plant life.

Moment Factory - Enchanted Forest_01

The installations include a mixture of visual projections and lighting and is accompanied by a soundtrack that ensures a full, multi-sensory experience. The immersive space is made up of various graphics and props that create the appearance of an all-encompassing sense of magic: perforated metal panels resemble ancient manuscripts, lighting units look like fluttering fairies, and video mapping on natural elements are integrated into the surroundings.

Moment Factory - Enchanted Forest_02

Moment Factory - Enchanted Forest_03

Moment Factory - Enchanted Forest_04

Moment Factory - Enchanted Forest_05