Beginning on May 1st, the renowned Glass House designed by architect Philip Johnson in 1949 will be engulfed in a dense and ghostly layer of fog, as part of an installation staged by Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya. Veil is the first site-specific project to engage the historic structure, which occupies a vast promontory overlooking a valley in Connecticut, USA. The sheet of hazy mist comes and goes: for approximately 10 minutes each hour, the monolithic transparent residence will seem to vanish, only to return to sight as the fog slowly dissolves in space.


Fresh water, pumped at high pressure through 600 nozzles, will produce an immersive environment that reveals these dynamic and ever-changing conditions. Nakaya describes the effect: “Fog responds constantly to its own surroundings, revealing and concealing the features of the environment.
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Fog makes visible things become invisible and invisible things — like wind — become visible.
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Fujiko Nakaya is on from May 1st until November 30th, 2014 coincides with the 65th anniversary of the Glass House and its 2014 tour season.